Traffic Sahayak

  Report Traffic Violations & earn Rewards! 
Now even earn rewards from violations videos shared by others!
An app to report Traffic Violations and take on the violators in an organized way.



Instead of confronting violators on streets, smartly report them in action. Let's you take on traffic violators in an altogether different way.





For every genuine violation reported we reward you in the form of Credits for the contribution you've done which could help in changing the society.



Go through the video streams showing violations and guess the correct violations to accumulate Credits from there as well



The Credits which you earn right now, you can utilize them to unlock Discount Vouchers of various brands we're tied up with


An easy to use tool to report Traffic Violations around us as mentioned under the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules.

App operational "pan India" since this August 2020 after successful pilot in Pune Metropolitan Region for more than a year.

Close to 5 lac violations reported till now. When are you reporting your first?

Available on All Android Smartphones


Download now, to utilize a tool to report violations like wrong side driving, signal jumping/red light jumping, rash driving, triple seat riding, smoky exhaust, stopping ahead of stop line and many more. India's most looked upto Social Impact Startup is already in action, and the best part is it allows you to be a part of the action.
           Download the App & get going.

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Discount Vouchers


As we look to expand, we also will be improvising our offerings to our users.

So, the users could now see Discount vouchers of various brands as listed below getting available to them on the app which they can unlock against the Credits they've acquired for reporting violations.

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