About us

Traffic Sahayak is a mobile app based platform presented by Collective Limitless Ambitious Smart Solutions (CLASS) Pvt Ltd to take on the traffic violations menace across entire INDIA which doesn't look to be ending soon.

Traffic Sahayak - the name itself portrays the purpose, someone who is willing to help (Sahayak) on the Traffic front.

This is more than a crowd sourced initiative. It is mass movement to collectively act against the traffic violators, especially those repeat offenders. This way educated, aware and law abiding citizens can help the under staffed -over stressed Traffic Police Departments by giving them more data against the frequent violators who violate the traffic rules every now and then when on the streets, that data which can be put to use to raise traffic challans or traffic fines.

Our Vision

To bring down traffic offences to minimal in the geographies where are present and make the streets safer.

Our Mission

To empower citizens with this platform to contribute data of traffic offences in streamlined way.