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What is Traffic Sahayak?

Traffic Sahayak is a scheme launched on 27th Dec 2018 for empowering general public to participate in better management of traffic in Pune city in Maharasthra.


How one can become Traffic Sahayak?

The person should register himself/herself through mobile number and email. This is reward based scheme a person can download the mobile App from Google Play Store on Android Platform. Once registered, the app enables Sahayaks to report traffic violations with their registered mobile. Re-registering with another mobile number or email id can’t claim for the rewards earned with previous registered mobile number and email id.


The information Date, Time, Place, Registration Number & Type of violation is mandatory to issue a notice u/s 133 M. V. Act 1988 against traffic violation. Traffic Sahayaks are advised to update the date and time of their mobile handset. Though Date and Time are picked from mobile handset directly, therefore Traffic Sahayak has privilege to edit both Date and Time.






Why does the image of traffic violations get blurred?

The main reason for blurred image is clicking an image while the person or object is in motion. Further, use of mobile phones while driving is illegal and prohibited under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act,1988. Therefore, in all circumstances we strongly advise Traffic Sahayaks to not capture images or make videos while driving a motor vehicle.


What action is taken against the motorist for traffic violations reported by me under the Traffic Sahayak Scheme?

All violations that fulfil the essential requirements will be sent to the necessary authority for prosecution purpose. A Notice u/s 133 Motor Vehicles Act,1988 to the registered owner of the offending motor vehicle requiring him/her to furnish details of the driver of the vehicle allegedly involved in traffic violation. The alleged violator is provided the option to compound the offence within a stipulated time period. If the violator does not respond to the notice, a court challan is issued against the registered owner of the offending motor vehicle and sent to the Court for initiating further legal proceedings under the relevant provisions of law.



What Violations can be reported under Traffic Sahayak?

The following 25 violations can be reported in video format via this App :-

 S.No.     Violation Type                                              Credits

    1          Driving against One Way                                                      5

    2          Tinted Glass/ Black Glass                                                    5

    3          Parking on Footpath                                                             5

    4          Triple Seat Riding                                                                   5

    5          Fancy Number Plate                                                             5

    6          Seat Belts not fastened                                                        5

    7          Driving Without Helmet                                                       5

    8          Stopping ahead of STOP line                                         5

    9          Red Light Jumping/Jumping Signal                           5

    10        Rough/Rash/Negligent Driving .                                   5

    11        Using Mobile Phone while Driving                                   5

    12        Not Driving in Proper Lane                                                 5

    13        Driving in the center and not to left side                         5

    14        Driving without Silencer./Modified Silencer                5

    15        Fixing multi-toned/shrill horn                                            5

    16        Blowing Pressure Horn                                                        5

    17        Smoky Exhaust                                                                         5

    18        Over Charging by Taxi/ Auto Driver                                5

    19        Charging without Meter                                                        5

    20       Refusal by Taxi/ Auto Driver                                               5

    21        Parking causing Obstruction                                               5

    22        Driving on Footpath                                                                5

    23        No Parking/ Wrong Parking                                               5

    24        Over height and length Goods                                           5

    25        Driving wrong side                                                                    5



What is the Status of the violation reported?

Pending or Approved or Rejected

How can I know the reason for rejection of a traffic violations reported by me?


The status of each reported traffic violation can be easily checked by pressing the “Upload History” section. Reason for rejection of a reported violation are listed against each reported violation.




How can Traffic Sahayak know his/her reward points?


After each successful violation reported by the app, all the rewards earned as CREDITS by Traffic Sahayak can be seen by checking out the DASHBOARD section. The status of each reported violation can be checked by pressing the section Upload History.




What are the reasons of discarding the Traffic Violations reported by Traffic Sahayak?


An uploaded video that does not clearly indicate any actionable violation under above mentioned violations is discarded and does not earn reward point. Reason of discard is updated to the Traffic Sahayak on the app against each violations reported by you to the system.

Main Reasons of Rejection :-

  1. Vehicle registration number was not clearly visible.

  2. Evidence of the Violation you mentioned is not clearly visible

  3. There isn’t any traffic violation visible

  4. Currently our services are not available in your city/area

  5. Vehicle number entered by you isn’t matching with that in the video

  6. Video shows you were recording violation while driving the vehicle yourself. Kindly refrain from such practice, we don’t want you to get involved in accidents

  7. Other



What should I do when internet speed is low and I cannot upload videos?

In situations where internet speed could be low it is advised to switch off the internet connection on your mobile and capture the traffic violation in offline mode by using the Traffic Sahayak App. This data will then be stored in database memory of the Traffic Sahayak App. All the traffic violations received in the offline mode can be loaded on to the central server at one go, when sufficient bandwidth of internet eventually becomes available.



What is the importance of GPS location? Whether the traffic violation will be rejected if there is no GPS location?


GPS location in the latitude-longitude location of the user. In the Traffic Sahayak Mobile App this is automatically captured by the App. GPS location is important for prosecution of the violator during the court proceedings. The location where a traffic violation has been alleged to be occurred is also required to be fed when the traffic Sahayak reports a violation Both locations – one filled by a Traffic Sahayak and second automatically captured by App through mobile GPS (GEO location), are compared at the time of authentication of a reported traffic violation and a discrepancy in locations may be a reason for rejection of the traffic violations reported. For example a location specified by a Traffic Sahayak is Lower Parel where as the GPS location captured by the App can be Dadar which may be due to difference of the location, resulting in discrepancy.




How can I redeem my Credits/reward points?


You can transfer your credits/reward points into your Mobikwik wallet.




What are the liability of Traffic Sahayak?


Traffic Sahayaks can be called in the law of court, if required. There are no criminal or civil liabilities. A Traffic Sahayak may be called in the Court of Metropolitan Magistrate or other Court for testimony only where the offender challenges the reported traffic violation. However, such type of cases are rare. A Traffic Sahayak cannot be summoned by any other authority.




Privacy of Traffic Sahayak will be maintained as per the law.Please refer Privacy Policies for the same.

Talking on Phone while driving
Using Phone while driving
Not wearing seatbelt
Driving without Helmet
Without Helmet
Stop Line Violation
Stopping ahead of the Stop Line
Triple Seat
Riding a two wheeler triple seat
Fancy Number Plate
Number plate is not in the prescribed format
Wrong side driving
Driving the vehicle wrong side
Smoky Exhaust
Excess Smoke coming from Exhaust
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