Rules and Guidleines

Rules for Reporting Violations

  1. It is mandatory that the driver/rider of a particular vehicle not use this app when he is driving a car/riding a moped OR bike OR any vehicle for that matter , so that he may not lose control over the same and meet with any accident. The app at this stage is specifically for co-passengers/ pillion riders and pedestrians since we totally discourage drivers/riders from using the app whilst driving. Any violation of traffic rules whilst using our app will result in the user getting debarred from the app and he/she may face necessary action from the Traffic dept having jurisdiction of that area/region. Also please do not use the app whilst yourself committing other violations like "Parking Causing Obstruction" and the likes.

  2. If a driver/rider of a particular vehicle is using this app, he/she may please make sure that their vehicle is stopped while recording any evidence on the Traffic Sahayak App, only then he’s advised to use the App. A co-passenger or pillion rider are the ones who can use the app whilst the vehicle is being driven/controlled by another individual. Similarly passengers on a bus, cab can use the app while the driver is driving the vehicle.

  3. VEHICLE NUMBER- While using the App for recording a Traffic Offence, the app user needs to ensure that the REGISTRATION NUMBER OF THE VEHICLE appears clearly in the video. The REGISTRATION NUMBER is one of the two most critical things here. That is the identity of the vehicle against which the Offence needs to be registered.

  4. VIOLATION- 2nd most critical thing is the VIOLATION/ OFFENCE THAT IS HAPPENING, needs to be recorded in the video as well along with the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER. For example, If a vehicle is seen coming on the “WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD”, then apart from the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER it is also very important that in the video, it is clearly visible that the vehicle is on the wrong side, with the road divider also shown in the recording so as to prove the same with ease and not to leave the video contentious.

  5. Please make full use of the SAVE Video option to save a video after recording and have a look at the violations recorded by it later to submit the same. Record violations at will and save the videos. No need to submit these videos then and there itself. You can submit the videos from the comfort of your home/office at a later time when you are free.

  6. Another example is that if a Vehicle is jumping the red light and if there are no CCTVs at that junction to record the offence, then the Sahayk can take the video of the vehicle which is going beyond the stop line and across the signal with the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER clearly visible in the video and also should he record the RED LIGHT of the signal from which direction the vehicle jumped the signal, or even if he shows the GREEN LIGHT of another direction’s traffic flow, to which that vehicle didn’t belong, that will also account for a solid evidence.

If say a vehicle is obstructing the flow of traffic unnecessarily, then the Sahayak needs to take the video of the vehicle with the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER clearly visible, and also he needs to show in the same video that the road beyond that vehicle is empty or another vehicle in front of the obstructing vehicle is very far from it. If that is clearly visible in the video then that video can also act as evidence against such offenders.

  1. While using this App, the GPS location needs to be ON, after the recording stops or when the video is being saved so that the exact /approx. spot of offence also gets noted down for generating the Violation Challan.

  2. After the recording is done, you can only “once replay the video” and pause it time and again to note down the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER and feed it at the next stage and also choose from the list, the type of offence/offences committed by that vehicle.

Kindly remember, a Vehicle could have committed just one offence in a video, OR may have committed multiple offences as well, hence the list of Offences can be multi-select (which means you can select more than one offence, if it has actually happened).

Also please remember that in a single video you can have multiple vehicles committing the same type of traffic violations or different types of traffic violations. Example, In a video that you shoot you see 3 cars coming wrong side of the road, so you can enter Registration details of the 3 vehicles and for each of them you mention the offence as traveling wrong side of the road. In another example, you see four 2-wheelers coming wrong side of the road and amongst it you see one of the 2 wheelers is going without wearing helmet and another 2 wheeler is riding triple seat, so you may mention single offence for the other two 2 wheelers but for these two 2 wheelers you may specifically mention 2 offences against the latter two 2 wheelers -one of wrong side & the other of ‘No Helmet’ and for other 2 wheeler one of wrong side & the other of ‘Triple seating’.

  1. Please DO NOT unnecessarily upload false videos, wherein there is no offence visible, or please do not upload those videos wherein the offence is not clearly visible (like RED LIGHT is not captured) or say the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER is not visible despite the offence clearly being visible. If evidence is not proper but still video is uploaded then the Sahayak could be banned from using the App for a week’s duration. If 2 such videos get uploaded by the Sahayak wherein the evidence is not visible properly, then the Sahayak could be banned for upto 15 days duration. 3 times if such videos are uploaded, then the Sahayak could be banned for a month and the 4th time such a thing happens the Sahayak may not be able to use the app from that Registered mobile number forever.

  2. The amount of fine being implemented for all offence types will be totally in the hands of the Transport Ministry and/or the Traffic Department under whose jurisdiction the offence/violation happened. We at Traffic Sahayak App do not have any control over the fine amount, whatever is prescribed by the authorities shall get implemented here.

  3. You can update as many videos you want in a month or year. No limits on that. The more you upload and the more the penalties are recovered, there is a higher chance that you'll be rewarded.


Please ensure that in all videos the evidence -mainly the VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER and the offence(s) it's/they committing are clearly visible.

  1. If two people upload the same evidence of a particular vehicle committing the same violation at same location at almost the same time, then the one who uploads the details first, will be rewarded first, the one who uploads it later than the first person, that video shall become void.

  2. You need to smartly record the violations so that the violator doesn’t notice that you are recording him/her in the act. We also would request you to not get into argument with any violator regarding any violations or confront him or her on the same even if there is any accident that has happened because of the violator. Just you need to ensure that the video has the necessary evidence and you can request us later on email for a copy of the same video to be sent to you which you can share with the victim or traffic police department in case you want a FIR to be filed/investigation to be held. Even if a traffic constable is around or not, you still shouldn’t challenge the violator since we’ve got your back secured via this app. We will ensure that the necessary action is taken against the violator by the Traffic department under whose jurisdiction that violation has taken place.


Rules for Guessing Correct Violations on the Streams

Video Streams is another feature to earn credits. This is a functionality where we show you video clips of violations and you have to make the correct guesses as to which all violations are visible in them.


There could be scenarios where more than 1 correct violation could be there in a single video clip. So, you have to select the appropriate violations amongst the options. Each correct options will earn you 2 credits each.

You can see on the Right Guesses progress bar on your profile the progress up to 25 guesses which is when the sum total of 25 x 2 credits = 50 credits gets credited into your account. And the progress bar 'starts from 0 again'.


There could also be a scenario where the video clip may not have any violation at all, so you may have to select the appropriate options like "No violations visible" or "Report Spam" if you do not find anything related to a traffic violation at all.

In case you may not be able to see the Vehicle Registration Number plate clearly, then you can select "Vehicle Number not clear"

In case the where the Vehicle Registration Number plate is clearly visible but the violation committed by it is not easily evident/not clearly understood then you can mention "Evidence not visible"

Just like reporting violations, we would suggest you not to play the Guessing game whilst driving a vehicle. You can play it from the comfort of your home/office.