Widget has arrived

Traffic Sahayak now has a widget for it's users. 
Once you install the Widget and click on it at the time of reporting a violation, you can not only get into the App at the click of a button but also the App starts to record violation on it's own, thus reducing the wait time/loading time that was there earlier. 

The widget also allows you to see the CREDITS available in your wallet.

Below Images and Videos can help one understand the working of the same.

unnamed (1).jpg

Dunzo Cash can also be unlocked now on the App

Yayyy! Dunzo is on board as well! Report violations and get benefits on Dunzo as well.

And now we have Flipkart Gift Cards as well as for you all!​

Report violations, earn credits, unlock Flipkart Gift Cards worth ₹ 50 each and get 50 bucks off on your final bill value.

dunzo logo.png
Save Videos


Citizens can now save videos of traffic violations that they record now.

This makes it easier to go after more violators as the recorded video can be uploaded later with the necessary details instead of doing it at the same location and time.

This was kept in mind considering the challenges observed for the initial hundreds of users who could just put up details of some violations at a go rather than just record video clips of violations and submit them altogether now sitting at their home or office or some cafe/restaurant. 

Google Pixel 3 5.5-inch Display (1080 x

Amazing update in the form of Amazon.

Right, Amazon is also now a partner with us. You all can now unlock incentives from Amazon in the form of Amazon Pay money.

Check out the app right away.


Traffic Sahayak can now also wish "Happy Furniture to you"

Can't believe what you just read? But it is true. Pepperfry the leading online furniture brand is now aboard with us and giving out Discount Vouchers on the App.

Get to the Vouchers section right away to unlock it and get going.

Pepperfry white background.png

So we also have got on board a men's apparel brand Vivid Wave as well on board for you to take benefits of while using the credits.

Some really cool designs and prints and even cooler fabrics


Now we also have an option to get vouchers from Bewakoof.com

It is an Online Shopping site for Men and Women Clothing, consisting of a wide range of T-shirts, Mobile Covers, Accessories and much more at very pocket friendly prices.

Can't believe what you just read? That is the reality and vouchers from Traffic Sahayak make them even more reasonable.

Amass credits and get to unlock the voucher right away.

Refer the app

Refer the app to your near and dear ones, colleagues, friends, classmates, neighbours, business circles and much more.


Referring the app earns you 20 credits.

Also the one who joins using your referral code also earns 20 credits in their Credits Dashboard.

India's most famous online shopping platform for for Fashion & Lifestyle for both Men and women is now onboard the app.

Yes Myntra is now on Traffic Sahayak and you can unlock the vouchers for the same against the credits available with you. You can make use of the vouchers during your purchase on their app/website.


India's most unique and premium Combed Cotton socks brand SockSoho is now a part of the offerings as well on our platform.

Finest selling socks ready to help elevate your style, Cushioning in toe and heel support. Iconic product which you can explore now via Traffic Sahayak as a reward for nailing the ones who don't follow traffic rules. An exclusive 20% OFF deal, available only with a social impact startup like your favourite app.


The most awaited grocery and daily shopping needs online supermarket Big Basket is now on board with us.

Big Basket is offering it's 6 months BB Star Membership at 20% discount exclusively to Traffic Sahayak users. Make the most of BB Star with benefits from the voucher.

bb_Logos - square.png

Reporting someone committing traffic violations and helping the system raise traffic challans against them will get more exciting as you will now also get a chance to reward yourself with healthy snacks from Healthy Cravings Co.

Checkout their offering in the vouchers section.

The Healthy Cravings Co-Black Logo.png

Voice Instructions for Traffic Sahayak have now been activated.

Just Speak "Ok Google, Open Traffic Sahayak" and the app

a) not only does start recording

b) but also zooms-in/zooms-out on it's own for you

c) Also at the end of the process, it SAVES the video on your behalf

d) And TURNS OFF the app at the end to save your battery

Some Prerequisites-

1. Keep Smart Lock synced via Bluetooth of the car so that it unlocks the screen without we needing to touch the phone (Link- https://www.androidcentral.com/smart-lock). Here the Bluetooth of the vehicle acts as a Trusted Device for your smartphone.

2. Download the WaveUp app (Link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jarsilio.android.waveup&hl=en_IN&gl=US) and Wave to the Screen in Non Google Android phones, since the screen wakes up only once we wave to the proximity sensor being used by WaveUp app here