Why should we be bothered about traffic offences/violations?
Why should we bring down this menace to minimal?

India, yes our motherland India sees 1.5 lac accidental deaths every year

(the count maybe even higher than the official records) and many lacs

more getting injured, some even crippled/handicapped for lifetime.

Traffic offences mean no harm to us as we see them on the streets until

someone committing a traffic violation suddenly poses a threat to your

safety or someone else's safety because of the act that he/she commits

out of habit.

How could traffic violations lead to difficulties in our lives?

- When on a stretch of busy street if a violator is coming wrong side, it could bang into the ones coming in the correct direction thus leading to injuries, fatalities and lifetime of pain for the ones who were innocent.

- Similarly, on jumping a signal, the violator may not bother to see the one's following their signal and whiz past them, thus making them break suddenly or steer to either side to avoid him/her and in the process losing control and banging their vehicle.

- Vehicles with smoky exhaust, they don't bother about their lungs since the exhaust of the vehicles is at their rear, but it surely pollutes the environment and also immediately affects commuters coming from behind. Overall it could be one of the major factors causing respiratory disorders by bringing down the quality of air.

- Parking causing obstruction may look like an offence no where responsible to lead into some mishaps but it can also make vehicles veer last moment or slowdown drastically leading to collisions with other vehicles which are following their lanes or the relevant speed.

- Using phone while driving means the eyes of the violator

will be on the screen for some moments or if the phone is

near his/her ears, it will somewhere keep their focus

deviated from driving

- Driving/Parking on footpath can be a menace to the

pedestrians making their walk treacherous

- Triple seat riders surely want to prove that they can

do the balancing act, but are the Transport authorities and

2-wheeler Manufacturers dumb that they did not design

vehicles for 3 people to sit..... Such violators can be

dangerous to fellow commuters if they lose balance/control

of their vehicle and immediately become a road block for

traffic coming from behind leading to pile ups as well.

- Rough/Rash drivers could be similarly dangerous as they become a projectile if their vehicle loses control and could lead to a catastrophic accident.

- Autos/Taxis refusing fares or overcharging hurt the regular commuter who wants to travel using public transport but is either taken for a ride or is made to grind to reach his/her destination. This also gives rise to the burden on buses and also leads to a mindset where citizens want to avoid such harrasments by purchasing their own vehicles and adding to the traffic on the already overburdened streets and infra of the urban area.

These are some of the examples that have been quoted for a better understanding of how dangerous the situation is. And we hope this would have given you a reason strong enough to take on this menace of traffic offences which is growing by leaps and bounds and acts like a viral outbreak of a virus which after affecting the violator, affects the one around him/her.

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