Why Traffic Sahayak?

Before we get onto the question of Why Traffic Sahayak, there are few more questions that need to be looked into.......

What is the situation that Traffic Sahayak aims to solve?

One terrorizing fact on Indian roads–lots of people driving without any will to obey traffic rules, for their own safety as well for others in their own vehicles or in other vehicles.

Considering the shortage of Police Personnel, you can’t have them manning all the junctions in a city, forget asking the Traffic Police to be present everywhere in city or on highways to ensure obedience of rules. It is a very herculean task. Even if CCTVs cover junctions, they're still missing out on major stretches of main roads and all of internal roads where Traffic Violators go unchallenged and undeterred. Hence, we are making use of a mobile app to counter this growing menace to report signal jumping, wrong side driving, autorickshaws refusing fare/overcharging, no seat belt, and so on. If violations go unnoticed, violators gain confidences that they will never be caught nor be required to pay traffic fines since the traffic penalties will rarely be rasied. Time to reverse that.


How does Traffic Sahayak propose to solve this problem?


Rising population feels like a burden, and to add to it rising number of vehicles on road is complicating the situation. Plus even grave is the proportion of traffic violations happening which is again a very huge volume. Crowd-sourcing combined with used of technology if utilized smartly, can reverse this problem altogether.

By using Traffic Sahayak, we will revolutionize the way people follow Traffic rules and especially keep a tab on violators. This system is already LIVE, and people are already using it thus contributing to the data of traffic violations across Pune city where the app is currently operational.

The more the data, the more the violators become aware that individuals with such mobile app could be anywhere, acting as vigilance agents, and report traffic violations, which in a way will act as a deterrent to the violators and the number of violations will go down drastically in a very short span and ultimately we could successfully achieve violation free roads which in India at the moment looks like an impossible reality and it will also act as a means to simultaneously punish polluting/ overloaded vehicles and individuals dirtying roads amongst many such measures. Traffic departments across states can utilize such data to raise traffic fines which can be easily paid online as well as offline.


What is the uniqueness of Traffic Sahayak?


Here we allow individuals to use the Traffic Sahayak App to ‘report Traffic Violations’ happening around them to a Central Hub with all necessary details, who’ll be rewarded at a further stage for their efforts. The app allows secure capturing of video of the traffic violation alongwith the vehicle doing the violation using an in-app camera thus eliminating the dangers of photoshopping, morphing etc. The time and GPS location of the offence is also picked up from the smartphone of the users by this app. You need to feed the vehicle registration number(s) and the violation(s) associated with that vehicle(s). In a single video, one can report not only multiple violations by a single vehicle but also multiple violations by multiple vehicles, provided the evidences and vehicle registration number(s) are clearly visible in the same. Thus this app takes care of any drawbacks and provides evidence based smart solution to uniquely help bring down traffic violations that too in a safe manner.

So, Why Traffic Sahayak?


Traffic Sahayak via the App would allow citizens to report violations like wrong side driving, signal jumping, rash driving, triple seat riding, blowing pressure horn, smoky exhaust and many more without the violator coming to know. This will do away with confrontations and situations of road rage and give the users a streamlined way to report traffic violations and also earn rewards in the form of credits in return. These credits can be utilized in a lot of ways by the users, thus making their efforts even more fruitful.

We are coming up with more features to not only provide app users better experience but also functionalities which will ultimately make the reporting process very easy to use.